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The Remedy offers a combination of adjustability, durability, and repeatability all within a small, lightweight package. The Blade Curb system adds a positive stop to the back edge of your arrow blade and creates a solid reference point for consistent blade placement and peace of mind; replace bent or broken blades exactly where they were. Features 3/4" of vertical travel, horizontal travel, and riser mount adjustment. The micro-tune adjustment allows for the finest adjustments with ease; travels .0015 per horizontal click. Precision laser indicator lines guarantee repeatable setup on every axis of adjustment. Sure-stop vertical adjustment eliminates the need for a lockdown. The quick lockdown horizontal adjustment has a ND Patch on the threads which acts like a wedge, increasing the metal to metal contact. The brass-tip set screw and custom-made mounting bushing keeps you from damaging your riser or arrow rest. Teflon anodized to resist wear and tear and provide a long lasting, durable finish. Utilizes Archery Best 2 hole launcher blades. Weighs 3.5 oz.

92 /100
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Specifications for Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest:

Color: Black

1-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
2-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
3-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
4-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
5-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
6-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
7-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
8-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
9-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
10-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
11-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest
12-Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest

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Nathan - Add Reply

I started adding some Shrewd components to my BowTech last summer, and decided I wanted to replace my Hamskea rest with the Remedy. I love the simplicity of the Remedy, and it's ability to dial in very fine adjustments to the elevation and the windage. Adjusting is very smooth and finite and adjustment marks are clearly visible. I would highly recommend this sight.

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