@Review NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel Rating Review

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NcStar Ballistic Soft Side Panel for use in body armor carriers and vests.

95.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Threat Level: IIIA

Features of NcStar Soft Ballistic Side Panel:

  • Constructed of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) creating a light weight ballistic panel
  • Rated at level IIIA - capable of stopping 9mm and .44 Mag rounds up to 1,400 FPS
  • Flexible design allows the panel to conform to various shapes - ideal for use in body armor carriers side panel coverage.
  • Fully sealed to protect against liquids, chemicals, and other harsh elements
  • Ideal for use in VISM Plate Carriers

1-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
2-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
3-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
4-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
5-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
6-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
7-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
8-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel
9-NcSTAR Soft Ballistic Panel

  • PROS
  • Lightweight and uncut
  • CONS

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Edwardo - Add Reply

Perfect size and the fact that it’s not cut makes it easier for sewing them in to anything! I was able to easily sew them into my kids back packs for a fraction of the price of other panels out there.

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Kole - Add Reply

good product, good transaction, good for my bag, however there is one problem, I don't know if you can take this product out side of United States. last time I took my bag travel to Italy, nobody bothered me about it.

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