Collider can exclusively debut the first trailer for the upcoming action-adventure film and Brock Harris' feature directorial debut, Wild Game. The film will be released on December 17.

The film follows Creed Garnick as Clay Wilson, a rancher who is strapped for cash and in desperate need of funds for his wife’s fertility treatment. To try and make some quick money, he and his friend Banjo (Charlie Barnett) offer to take a movie star, played by Matthew Daddario, out elk hunting. When the actor accidentally shoots the brother of Gunner Walsham, who will be played by Harris, the trio become the target of a new kind of hunt as Gunner tries to find them and avenge his brother.

Wild Game is a cautionary tall-tale about a rancher struggling to fund his wife’s fertility treatment. Our film warns about the dangers of the easy road, and the inescapable shadow of Murphy’s law. Our production started shooting just as the pandemic locked down the world. We banded as a group of artists to isolate in rural Wyoming to brave creating art in a difficult time,” said Harris. “We’ve referred to our endeavor as the ‘humble-core movement,’ filmmakers who desire the freedom of being outside Hollywood norms but make top quality movies with humble resources. All the actors worked behind the scenes as well as performed their own stunts. I was inspired by the adventure thrillers of the 70’s and shot everything guerilla style. Wild Game is a cavalier and raucous escape back into the romantic ideals of adventure, and I hope it inflames your spirit.”

Image via Gravitas Ventures

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Along with directing and starring in the film, Harris was also writer on the project alongside Jared Bonner, who will also be playing Gunner's brother. Alongside Garnick, Daddario, and Harris, the film will star Charlie Barnett (You, Chicago Fire), and Allison Paige (The Flash, Days Of Our Lives), as well as Golden Garnick, Kyle Robinson, Matthew Paetz, Adrianna Leonard and Vicki Garnick. The U.S rights to the film were acquired by Gravitas Ventures back in October.

“Gravitas is excited to share Wild Game with audiences. We love the western that Brock Harris was able to craft, and think that fans of the genre will love it too,” said Brett Rogalsky, Gravitas Ventures Manager of Acquisitions.

Wild Game is set to release in select theaters and on demand on December 17. You can watch the official trailer and check out the synopsis and poster for the upcoming film below:

When a cash-strapped rancher takes an offer to help a movie star poach elk it seems like easy money, until a fatal run-in with the local authorities triggers a series of events that pits man against man in a bloody showdown.

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