This year, Battlefield 2042 players will receive an early Christmas present. Before the end of the year, the game will receive two new updates from DICE. On Tuesday, the developer acknowledged that there were some “critical issues” with the game’s servers.

“In very rare instances, we’re seeing that our servers aren’t correctly registering hitmarkers,” DICE said to Video Game Chronicle, adding: “While hard to reproduce, we’re actively working hard to identify what could be causing this issue, and to develop fixes.”

DICE said that the problems with the servers extend to the console port as well. “On console, we’ve been performing similar investigations around the consistency of Aim Assist,” the developer said.

The fixes have come quickly, with DICE announcing that Update 2 for Battlefield 2042 will launch today, on Thanksgiving. According to Video Game Chronicle, Update 2 will be a patch on the “spread” of some of the game’s weapons, improving the game’s zoom accuracy performance. The update will also improve the revival of soldiers, protect players from respawning issues, re-enable the UAV-1 Interaction within the Battlefield Portal, and limit dispersion for all of its weapons except for shotguns.

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Although Update 2 provides substantial fixes to players, it pales in comparison to Update 3, which is scheduled to be released on PC and console servers in early December. Battlefield 2042's third update will address several issues that have plagued the game. These issues and more have been simmering ever since the war game was launched on November 19.


According to Video Game Chronicle, the game has received over 17,000 negative reviews on Stream, a PC gaming platform, following its initial release. Prior to the game's release, DICE rolled out its first update to fix major issues with the gameplay; but problems still persisted for the game’s frustrated players, which developers hope the latest updates will resolve.

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